We’re driven by a spirit of curiosity and inventiveness, finding inspiration and the potential for fun experiences in unexpected places.

We recognize the bottomless potential in technology, in the experiences we can create, and in ourselves.

We create to positively impact the world; to inspire connection, awe and joy.  Our games are designed to bring people together, rather than driving them further apart. 


Pokémon GO


iOS, Android

We're proud to be partnered with Niantic, who have entrusted us to support the development of this global phenomenon. We bring years of expertise developing geospatial AR games to bring new concepts and features to life.

Transformers: Heavy Metal


iOS, Android

We built Transformers: Heavy Metal, a full scale geospatial AR mobile game, with Niantic and Hasbro. In Heavy Metal, players team up with the Autobots to defeat the Decepticon invasion in this real world Transformers adventure.

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Live Streaming Games

Microsoft Mixer

PC, XBOX, Mobile

Microsoft invited VVS to develop four live-streaming games that enable any viewer to instantly jump into the action on any device. Thanks to our titles, the VVS 24/7 Mixer channel became a top-10 channel garnering more than 10 million views.  

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Google ATAP

iOS, Android

Google’s Advanced Technology and Products group invited Very Very Spaceship to support early development of ARCore by creating a series of multiplayer AR prototypes.

Among them was Hedra, a collaborative AR puzzle game in which multiple players work together to solve challenges in mixed reality.

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The Wormhole Creative Process

At VVS, we're developing an inclusive creative process designed to discover marvelous gaming moments.

Whether we're working with pioneering technologies or finding pioneering ways to make use of older technologies we're expanding the ways we connect to ourselves, each other and the world around us.


VVS is proud to be partnered with companies that share our passion for game development, and our vision of the future.